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    Forest of Fears


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    Forest of Fears Left_bar_bleue100/100Forest of Fears Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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    Forest of Fears Empty Forest of Fears

    Post by Kitana on Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:04 am

    Apologies that the format looks so weird.It won't do what I wanted to do, but enjoy yourselves.


    It was the
    afternoon,late, and the sun was close to sunset when the forest
    transformed from an ordinary woodland to something beyond anything
    ordinary. In the distance were the mountains and not far above them
    was the sun slowly inching downward towards the threatening peaks. I
    waited impatiently for the suns rays to touch the sharp peaks so that
    I would only have a few minutes left until I heard the call I'd been
    waiting for since early morning when I woke up.

    Every sense
    in my body screamed for nature to hurry along it's course so I could
    have my impatience resolved and relieved. My muscles ached. My breath
    came in short puffs from my mouth as if I had just done a sprint over
    miles of territory and hadn't stopped for a single breath. How I
    longed to begin my never ending run through the forest with the rest
    of my pack. Longed to feel the breeze ruffle my fur and soak up the
    nightly scents that permeated throughout the forest. Oh,how I long.

    I sat
    perched on the smooth top of a rock. My gaze never left the blazing
    sun until the snap of a twig came from behind me and I whirled to see
    what it was.

    It's just me."The boy stalked up to my side and gazed at the
    setting sun.

    senses weren't sharp enough this time. Perhaps you need more training
    in Mr Dafts school for pups?"

    snorted."I had enough of that teacher for four years. If you
    think going back to kindergarten is something I should consider
    retaking,think again. Being in twelfth grade is twelve times harder
    than learning how to be a wolf in grade zero."

    snickered a laugh."I would agree with you."He met my
    gaze."So why are you waiting here all by yourself?"

    know I'm not the partner type. I prefer solo. It gets me in the
    He nodded and I went back to pleading the sun to sink

    Dan was one
    of the seniors and one of my classmates at Woodland High. He was
    popular too. Very,and no girl walked past him without giving him a
    high pitched hello every stroll down the halls. His broad shoulders
    and far too much muscle suggested that he was the strongest wolf in
    the pack. Maybe even stronger than the Alpha. I never cared. Dan also
    had the brains of an athlete hunter. All As on tests and every report
    card. Smart a-lack in my book. We were friends and all but not my
    type of guy to hang out with all the time. Dan just wouldn't leave me
    alone so that's how we became close friends and I dropped my attitude
    towards him.

    Dan was
    lost in the moment just like I was five minutes ago. His expression
    was as excited as mine was. We both loved the nights more than anyone
    else I knew. Some nights I wished they would stay dark forever and
    we'd never have to wait endlessly for the ball of fire to vanish
    behind the killer mountains that suppressed the stars light for only
    about ten hours when we wanted a full 24/7.

    at the peaks."

    I flashed
    my gaze north and felt the anxiety well inside me. My heart raced and
    my blood pumped through my veins close to overflow and I thought for
    a moment they would explode and I would suffer death from internal
    bleeding. My lips pulled into a smile filled with teeth that were
    sharpening into canines. Hurry!

    I glanced
    at Dan. His muscles were flexing,I could see from underneath his
    thin,deer skin, black shirt. My own muscles ached for the approaching
    darkness. I slid of the rock I sat on and wriggled my toes in the
    damp earth beneath my bared feet. I loved it when it came to nights
    like this one. We had a rain fall only hours ago and yet the boiling
    heat of the day failed in attempting to dry it all out.

    My dark
    rope of hair dangled at my back and bobbed against my butt as I
    positioned myself beside Dan and continued to watch the sunset in a
    heap of hasty pleads going through our minds. Come on. Hurry it up.
    Faster! Please. Move faster!

    then,when I didn't think I could hold back much longer,the suns last
    rays of light vanished from the sky. It began to turn from a
    yellow-blue to a much darker thicker crimson blue and it was then
    that Dan and I turned our backs facing the forest that stretched for
    miles on end,a never ending wood that began to quiet and then it was
    pitch black after I risked a blink.

    could be seen. No shadows. No dark shapes that you find in your
    nightmares ready to scare you careless of weather or not you scream.
    I couldn't even see Dan who stood only an inch from me. His
    scent,coffee and the hint of dirt was all I knew about him indicating
    his presence. The smell I used to hate but grown used to through out
    the four years we've gotten to know each other. The scent I hadn't
    caught when he'd sneaked up on me which meant,I knew,he had been down
    wind from me. But enough of that. My heart thumped against my chest
    uncontrollably and I needed to concentrate on that,not my failed
    senses of the fact that I should have heard his approach when I
    didn't and he was only increasing his skill at stealthiness. I would
    worry later though.

    you sure you don't want me with you?"

    The sudden
    whisper in my ear made me jump and nearly choke on a shriek.

    remember what happened with Kate don't you?The Elders haven't-"

    know about Kate,Dan."I interrupted."I'll be careful. I

    unconvinced sigh."Alright,but I'll stay close. I don't want the
    same thing happening to you."

    I rolled my
    eyes despite Dan's concerned tone. He had clasped my small hand in
    his and I pulled away saying,"I know how you feel but I can take
    care of myself."I kept my voice soft but firm so that he
    understood that I didn't feel the way he did about that night three
    years ago when Kate had mysteriously vanished without a trace.

    It was a
    long story but in my mind I kept it short. On a night similar to this
    one all of the people in Woodland spread out among the forest in
    assemble of the Call that sounded every night on a full moon. Each of
    us took position and when the darkness came and the lights of the
    forest appeared casting their colors of light we all sound in unison.
    A harmonic song we sang. Tradition among our kind for thousands of
    years. Then at the end of the Call all gathered in the center of the
    forest where a lone oak rooted high above the pines stood
    representing the wholeness between animal and forest. It was after
    roll call that we realized someone was missing. We searched every
    inch of our territory on until we reached the ravine where it served
    as a boarder,a scar that separated us from the rest of the forest
    that no one knew where it led. Her scent stopped there and we all
    knew that she might have fallen into the ravine accidentally. No one
    knew how,or why. No one was with her. On the mourning day of Kate's
    death the alpha brought the pack together and announced that it was a
    choice that every one partner up at night. The alternative wasn't
    said,but we all knew what that was.

    I shook my
    head ridding it of the memory. I had made myself separate from the
    others. Most people paired and grouped. But I,and a few others,stayed
    on our own. We liked it that way and it was going to stay that way.
    Dan worried from time to time and I never surrendered to his
    persuasions of letting me partner with him. Like he said before,he
    would stay close to me. Otherwise he would go off with someone else
    in a group and leave me alone.

    I sensed it
    then. I shifted to all fours and a bushy tail. I panted at the ready
    my snowy eyes scanning the pitch black for the first spec of light to
    appear. Dan panted beside me, waiting.

    Then I
    spotted it first. I let out a sharp whine getting Dan's attention
    instantly. Our heads were turned and our eyes widened at the sight.
    Bright green was spreading over a patch of grass only feet from us.
    Then there were patches everywhere;all their own shades of green,some
    close to a turquoise blue. The breath-taking sight spread wide and
    beyond us into the forest,the darkness engulfed in the wondrous
    colors of light.

    Dab and I
    felt our pulses racing waiting for the Call to begin and each of the
    wolves from around the territory would join in. I glanced at him from
    the corner of my wolfs eye. His chocolate brown fur twitched at the
    strong muscles that tensed at the ready. His gaze was fixed on the
    fantasy land in front of him but one of his deep brown eyes caught me
    staring at him and he turned his muzzle to me.

    you sure you don't want me with you,Lana?"
    He asked,his
    gaze pleading for me to let him accompany me even after I said no the
    first time."I don't want your father
    worrying for you."

    A low growl
    rumbled in my throat. I hated it when he brought my father up in that
    way. Father may have said that it was a choice for the others but he
    insisted I take someone with me. We argued the whole night about it
    on the mourning of Kate's disappearance but mother wouldn't have it
    that way. She silenced the both of us and concluded that I was fine
    to be alone as long as I watched my back and kept up in training at

    I hate
    being Alphas daughter.

    I shook my
    head to rid myself of the fact and planted my feet.

    will be fine on my own Dan. Stop worrying."

    He stared
    at me for a long minute his gaze worrisome still but resigned and he
    looked ahead just in time for we both stiffened at the musical sound
    in the distance.

    The Call.
    Only moments later howls erupted in all directions,all falling into a
    harmonious song. Dan was the first to raise his muzzle and I followed
    after pushing my breathe out in voice.

    I felt
    different during this moment. A sensation I wasn't sure I understood.
    Some sort of tingly feeling that made me quiver but made no effect
    over my note. What ever it was,I assumed it was my ever growing
    excitement. I was sure Dan felt the same way. Everyone maybe. This
    was the best time of the day when everyone was at peace with
    themselves and we cast out any problem or situations of out day out
    minds and let the voice carry us away to an unknown land where we
    let our souls rest in peace.

    On the last
    note the forest fell quiet for a moment. The single howl rang out to
    the east and my ears flickered at the summoning of the Alphas telling
    the pack to meet at the center of the forest.

    I shouted. With a yelp of pleasure I leaped into a
    sprint leaving Dan to follow behind me. I didn't care if he followed
    me or not. The thought had fled my mind leaving pure joy to replace
    it. My heart fluttered over the sights that I saw in the transformed
    forest of fantasies.

    In my rush
    I startled a white rabbit that fled into a burrowed hole as I past..
    It would have been an easy snack but in the time of the gathering you
    were forbidden to do such a thing. I came to a small clearing and
    there a small heard of deer started and bounded off into the
    protection of the trees. It was when I had leaped a small creek that
    a voice reached into my mind.

    alone again?You father is going to give you the lecture again."

    My eye
    drifted off to the side where I could make out the light gray fur of
    a young female sprinting at my level but at a distance from me.

    fine Rain. Go find Vera or Isa."
    I barked.

    My sister
    disappeared then and I picked up speed.

    shouldn't be so hard on her Lana."
    Another female voice
    reached my thoughts.

    Anne. My
    best friend since we were pups was on the other side of me but like
    Rainy she kept her distance. I growled low trying to pick up more
    speed. Though because she was a Chaser she kept my pace easily.

    do you want Anne?"

    is your little sister Lana. You should let her run with you."

    run alone."
    I leaped an old fallen tree branch.


    went with her friends An. She'll be fine."

    An left me
    then and I slowed a bit. I hated the fact that everyone thought I
    needed a partner. I didn't. I was an experienced hunter and fighter.
    Rainy may be my sister and years younger than I-In the second
    grade-But she had friends she could keep pace with. I liked speed and
    I wasn't going to slow down for her. Anne always ran with a group
    anyway so she had no reason to come looking for me. I needed no
    partner. I am a loner.

    When I
    burst through a wall of brush I halted. Sitting all around the Great
    oak were wolves of every color shape and size. Dan popped out at the
    side a moment later and walked up to me. on my other side Anne leaped
    out and trotted towards the large group of wolves only glancing at me
    before she paused in front of a sandy colored wolf. Wolves were
    gathering from all around; popping out of the barrier of brush that
    served as a boundary of the large clearing.

    should head up to the Rock now."
    Dan said drawing my
    attention to him.

    tell your sister to meet you there."


    He returned
    it and I trotted off into the crowd. Some of the wolves caught my
    scent and moved aside for me to pass leaving a clear path for me to
    walk. When at the gathering we're all supposed to be in certain
    groups. It went in order of Adults on the far left and then teens to
    youngsters of seven on the right. Any below that age stayed home with
    a few adults who we considered the Elders of the pack;too old for
    much excitement. The Alphas were to sit at the bottom of Wolf rock
    that occupied a space at Great Oak base. There my family would meet
    and father would acknowledge us first before the rest of the pack..
    For me he would gaze at me longer once he found out that I had run
    solo again.

    I sighed
    irritably over the thought. I was definitely going to get a lecture
    this time since Rainy had intercepted me and I refused her. I rolled
    my eyes causing one of the adults to snort thinking it was toward him
    when I'd glanced at him. Great.

    I walked
    straight down the center between the adults and the teens. Just as I
    was nearing the edge of the group a low growl caught my attention and
    I paused to look behind me and off to the side. A bark colored wolf
    with a pelt that showed off far too much shine with a teasing
    expression hooked her tail at me. Rena. I turned and walked up to her
    bristling my fur and keeping my head up resembling my rank.

    addressed the she wolf with an authorized tone in my voice as I
    paused in front of her. The female dipped her head though she kept
    the hint of a laugh in her eyes as she did so.

    heard that your father was going to make a speech tonight."


    thumped her tail on the soiled ground."I
    here that he was to announce a new member of the new leader of the
    warriors. Said that Sky may be the wolf for the job."


    nodded,a smile curled at her lips the tips of her fangs visualizing.

    Sky. A
    senior wolf. He was another popular wolf like Dan. Only Sky was THE
    most popular guy in school. A wolf with attitude and gut. He would
    out match my father in a challenge some would say. It was unclear
    because he was so much like Dan. Only I think Dan would become the
    best hunter considering his stealth and power. Sky was a
    fighter,strong and protective.

    Then I
    frowned. Torok,the present leader of the Warriors always followed the
    alphas around. It was his job to make sure that the hierarchy stay
    in good health and out of harms way. He would check up on you every
    hour to be sure that you weren't in a fight of some sort unless it's
    the Alpha himself fighting for his rank.

    For our
    pack to keep in order the alphas-one male and one female-took up
    dominance and decided what the pack did. What changes were to be made
    and what time to raise young. Each wolf may have the right to
    challenge an alpha if he or she chooses. If that were to happen and
    the current alpha were to lose then the family was to step down from
    dominance and the new alphas took their place along with their family
    if they had one. Only if the male survives will the family keeps it's
    rank if only the mother lost.. If the male loses then the family
    steps down no matter if the other alpha succeeded or not. The male
    has the most power and has more authority over the pack. The females
    job was to watch over pup production and growth while looking after
    the wounded while the males fought and defended providing for the
    pack as well. Only certain females with the characteristics of
    fighting could do more. That was me.

    Why Sky?


    I shook my
    head."Sorry. It's good that Sky is
    finally getting his rank."

    narrowed her eyes at me."You were
    drifting weren't you."
    She pointed the tip of her tail at
    me accusingly."Your an Alpha Lana.
    Sky is mine since he isn't your type."

    I glared at her.

    may be popular and good looking but he isn't interested in an alpha
    like you. He doesn't want a wolf who is heartless and


    wants someone beautiful and charming. One who has a heart and
    actually cares about herself and others."

    I lunged at
    the insulting female. I pinned her to the ground and she let out a
    yelp stiffening underneath me. A few of the other wolves scrambled
    back lowering themselves sensing my anger and hostility of their
    future alpha. I bared sharp fangs at the pretending to be terrified
    Rena and released a fierce low growl..

    dare you!I am an alpha. Don't ever say things like that to me again."

    was only pointing out the truth."
    There was a hint of fear
    in Rena's voice but I ignored it.

    I was about
    to say something more to her but a stormy gray wolf hurried up to us
    and nudged me off Rena and pushed me with his muzzle in the shoulder
    until I was several feet away and out in the open away from the
    group. He looked back at Rena who straightened abruptly and back off
    into the crowd disappearing into the bodies of the other wolves who
    looked uneasy still from the sudden act of their future alpha. When
    the wolf met my gaze I snorted and turned to go at the base of the
    rock feeling hurt but angered by Rena's words. The male followed me
    until I laid down under the rock and rested my head atop my paws and
    he sat on his haunches observing my expression carefully.

    know that she didn't mean much Lana. You also know that being an
    alpha doesn't mean that you have to be all the things she said back

    I stared at
    the ground in silence. The male continued.

    is true though that Sky has been chosen to take my place. I chose him
    because he has passed his training ahead of his peers. I also think
    he has quite the talent. He will serve his post well."

    what of you?"
    I sighed.

    will be watching over how he does for a while before I go into

    I closed my
    eyes and breathed deeply. Torok was a close friend to me. He may have
    to watch over the alphas like a hawk but when he was off duty when he
    curled up in the den beside me and my sister he was the person I
    would talk to about problems. He would give me advice and remind me
    who I was and prevent me from doing something I would regret. Killing
    Rena was a perfect example.

    was toying with you."
    The guardians voice went in one ear
    and out the other."She knows that
    she can provoke you easily. Don't give her that idea. Be that strong
    alpha I've watched over for many years now and show Rena that you can
    be the alpha you need to be. Alright?"

    I didn't

    Torok arose
    and gave my head a few licks of reassure before turning his head
    suddenly. I raised mine when I sighted Rainy and then sat up on my
    haunches when I saw Sky trailing behind her. Rainy yelped when she
    spotted me and broke into a fast trot. Sky approached with his head
    low in greeting to me and Torok who nodded approval to him and left
    my side with a quick glance at me before he walked off to the side
    and sat near the ramp of the rock waiting for mother and father.
    Rainy shoved her muzzle in my chest.

    thought I wouldn't find you Lana. I tried to look for you again when
    I couldn't find the others.
    were you?"
    Rainy whined and gazed at me with her sky blue
    eyes that sparkled.

    "I was

    Sky nodded
    at me drawing my attention to him.

    found her close to the ravine and brought her to you before she could
    get any father."

    I coughed baring my teeth. I looked down at Rainy
    who settled herself down at my feet. Why was she heading for the
    ravine?Father had asked that no one go to far near that area. I never
    went there. No one did as far as I knew. Her back was against my paws
    and I blinked when I felt the vibrations from her. She was scared.
    Why? I couldn't think of anything that could have been seen near that
    area. The more I thought of it the more I was confusing myself and
    shook my head to clear it. I like the top of Rainy's head a few times
    before the scent of the alphas drew my attention to the side where
    Torok still sat but now stood as mother and father approached him.
    Mother glanced in our direction and flicked her tail. Sky arose and
    trotted to her just as father was walking up the ramp.

    voice called. I looked at her and she glanced down at Rainy before
    say,"Is you sister alright?"

    replied and she nodded before motioning Sky to follow her up the

    I sat there
    with Rainy who still shivered at my feet and watched as the crowd
    silenced their talk and turned their muzzles up high where father now
    stood on Wolf rock. His voice echoed over the silence.
    we are honored to be in the presence of the sacred oak. For tonight
    all are accounted for and present."
    A few nods from some
    wolves and father continued."Tonight
    we are to give an honorable rank to a wolf that has earned his place
    among the pack as our new head warrior. Torok has asked me to do the
    A moment of silence and the head of the guards
    voice rang out amongst us.

    "I am
    pleased to announce that Sky will be taking my place as the warrior
    and as the protector of our alphas."

    The crowd
    burst into howls. I turned my head twisting it up to see Sky standing
    proudly beside my father,his chest exposed and tail curled.

    you all."
    Sky's voice already resumed the tone of a
    general. I was impressed.

    make a good general."
    I said to myself. Maybe he won't be
    so bad after all. A smile curled at my lips when my eye caught Rena
    staring at me with a glare and jealousy in her eyes. Yes. Sky was
    mine. I dropped my gaze to Rainy and found her staring up at me no
    longer shaking. It made my smile fade and wonder why she was anywhere
    near the ravine. Her expression told me that she would talk to me
    tomorrow morning. For now everyone was departing from the circle.
    Rainy left with mom when she came down from Wolf rock and I cringed
    when father gave me a look that said he knew I had run solo and I
    would get a chat when the sun was up. However I felt me cheeks heat
    when Sky walked along side me behind my parents as we made out way
    home. Rena glared at me as she passed us but Sky wasn't paying
    attention. I smiled sharp canines of triumph as we trotted into the
    slowly darkening forest.

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    Forest of Fears Empty Re: Forest of Fears

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    Library Example Accepted.
    Suggestions: Change font, and size. It's hard to read.

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    Forest of Fears Empty Re: Forest of Fears

    Post by FAITH SUMMERS CULLEN on Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:33 am

    I like it but it is hard to read in the small font

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