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    Manticore Book Of Spells

    Manticore Storms
    Manticore Storms

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    Manticore Book Of Spells Empty Manticore Book Of Spells

    Post by Manticore Storms on Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:08 pm

    Manticore Book Of Spells

    Floatatius Humainus- Allows you or someone else to float in mid-air
    Conjurous- Second spell ever used in the book series, adding a word on the end, conjures it.
    Blasto- Blasts things open, or apart.
    Elementus- Adding an element on the end, casts that element however you want it.
    Revealio- Reveals invisible or unseen things
    Lockus- Locks doors, etc.
    Hologramo- Adding a name of someone or something, makes a hologram of them.
    Enterus- Allows someone to enter a body of someone, or something.
    Thundero Directo- Directs lighting at a target, or redirects lighting from the caster of the spell.
    Power of Three- This spell is special can can only be used by three people, three people casting a spell at once is the Power of Three.
    Protection Spell- Makes a shield or protection.
    Humongo- Makes things big, or even easier to read or see.
    Transo- Turns an object into another.
    Enchanted- Special form of 3rd level potential magic, makes all spells more powerful.
    Directo- Redirects spells back at the caster.
    Mindus Conquero- Allows the caster to see the castee's thoughts.
    Cancel- Cancels spells.
    Inviso- Turns someone or something invisible.
    Butterfly Swarm- Clarissa's made up spell, makes a swarm of butterflies.
    Energy Surge- Makes a surge of energy towards the castee.
    Hornet's Sting- One of Clarissa's make up spells, makes hornets sting the castee
    Windstorms- A play off of the root spell, elementus. Sends windstorms at the castee.
    Army Camouflage- One of Cammo's made up spells, a spin off of Inviso, makes caster blend in with his surroundings.
    Grenade Rage- One of Cammo's made up spells, makes grenades fly towards the castee and burst.
    Meteor Burst- Uses the meteors power, two reflect things that fly in back at the caster, a play off of Directo. Created by Iris.
    Sunlight Triangle- Allows the caster to keep the castee in the same place, and torture them.
    River's Source- Drains the powers of the castee, otherwise, they just can't use their powers for a while.
    Fire Blast- Makes a blast of fire release from the caster's wand, a play off of Elementus.
    Water Dragon- Makes a huge dragon made out of water, very powerful spell, the caster can control the dragon and it obeys he/she a play off of Elementus.
    Speaker's Song- Makes a sound of any animal/thing rage at the castee, causing them to tremble.
    Rock Rollers- Makes rocks roll at the castee, a play off of Elementus.
    Wind Gust- Makes wind go at the castee, a play off of Elementus.
    Hornets Vortex- Used by hornets only, special hornets spell.
    Be Gone- Makes creatures/people go away.
    Light Flash- Makes a flash of light at the castee, causing partial or full blindness for a certain amount of time.
    Solar Flare- Makes a solar flare at the castee.
    Unicorn's Horns- Conjures the unicorn's spirit and sends a energy of the unicorn horn at the castee.
    Wind Shear- Sends a shear of wind at the castee.
    Map Spell- Makes a map of peoples locations.
    Magico Takus- Takes the castee's magic a play off of River's Source.
    Timus Stop- Stops time.
    Atramentum Reverte- Reveals ink, conjures ink, etc.
    Clauditis- The proper way of casting 'Lockus' is to cast 'Clauditis' locks doors, etc.
    Sonus Argumentum- Makes a room soundproof, no one can hear the conversation from outside of the room.
    Draconis Semita- Makes the ink for the dragon's path map to appear.
    Missio Pro- Makes the ink on the dragon's path map to disappear.
    Obestor- Makes a dragon appear.
    Mundare Redintegro- Fixes things.
    Profectus-Makes the dragon disappear.
    Lightatius- Makes an orb of light so you can see in dark places.
    Barricado- Makes rocks fall/blast in opposite direction from the caster.
    Enchanted Arrows- One of Leif's made up spells, makes the arrows he shoots enchanted and apply plenty damage to the castee.
    Sensa- Allows the caster to see all surroundings.
    Mindero Iructum- Made up by Alexandria Turner, allows her to control the mind of the castee.
    Potestatem- Allows a power surge from the caster, allows them to harm anyone or anything. Created by Alexander Potestatem, for his use. Now used by all.
    Protego- Protects you from spells, blocks them, or moves them away from you.

    Best Wishes,

    Your Headmaster, Manticore Storms.

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