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    And Her Name Was Molly

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    And Her Name Was Molly Left_bar_bleue100/100And Her Name Was Molly Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
    And Her Name Was Molly Left_bar_bleue100/100And Her Name Was Molly Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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    And Her Name Was Molly Empty And Her Name Was Molly

    Post by FAITH SUMMERS CULLEN on Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:11 am

    AN: I love Molly and Arthur and stories involving Them so here is my take.

    I can't believe Molly and I have been together for so long. Our Kids are all grown and Married and have wonderful Jobs, except poor Fred. Today the Family gathers around, to Remember, to say goodbye. I sist here and remember the first time I really saw Her.

    Flash back:

    I look out at the Lake but its not the beauty of the lake that catches my eye its a red ead girl tat sits beside the lake. I gather my courage and run down to the lake I say hi to the girl and we talk. She is sweet. I dream of her, Molly Prewet for the first time that night.


    That was 50 years ago. so long ago it seems. We went through so much. I remember feeling jealousy over a boy talking to her.

    Flash back:

    Being 14 I never thought I would feel love but I did for Molly Prewet. I walk down to the common room to meet up with her. I see her talking to another boy laughing at his jokes and smiling at him. He is the star of the Quidditch team. I walk back to my room


    It feels so silly now but I was in Love with her. I loook at her hand grasped in mine wedding and engagement rings sitting on her frail fingers.

    Flash back:

    We stand by te lake at the spot we first met. I kneel down and ask the one question I had practiced a hundred Times. "Molly would you do me the honor of Marrying me and becoming my wife?" I hold out the ring. I was not rich but I got her a stunning ring. a big diamond in the middle surrounded on each side by 7 smaller diamonds."Yes" she says tears shining on her cheeks. I place the ring on her finger and kiss her.


    I touch the ring. She called it the ring of her children. The stone that would be freds and what would be his wife both fell out the day Fred died, we managed to find them and they sit at freds grave to this day still. I touch the wedding ring not as spectacular but still pretty.

    Flash back:

    Today was the day. Molly and I would be Married. I stand at the alter nervous. The ceremony flies by we say I Do and Kiss and we are Married. Our Honeymoon iss amazing even if it is nothing Fancy.

    skip Forward:

    Molly runs in and Hugs me and says something that seems to freeze time: "I'm Pregnant"


    Each of our childrens births were amazing, boys for the first 6, though Molly loves them dearly she always wanted a girl and finally Ginny came along. Those kids gave us some of the happiest and scariest times in our lives, then Harry came and then Hermione and times seemed to become scarier. I remember just waiting for a letter that one of them was hurt. Every wedding brought us a new child. Then grand kids. Everything was going great, then Molly got the news, she had Cancer. She never gave up always pushing on. Now everyone is gathered around her bed. I hold her hands as tears fall from my eyes the same as the everyone gathered around.

    "I love you. All of you." She takes a deep breath and releases it her heart stops and her grip goes limp in my hand. My love passes peacefully into anoter life, someday I would join her.


    Awwww there it is. ok totally different than my idea when I started it. I cried writing it. Read and reveiw. let me know what you guys think

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